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Puli-News 02/2021 – July 2021

First Austrian Puli Club
President and office: Helga Widder
Leopoldig. 4, 1230 Vienna

Tel.: 0664/4845009

e-mail: office@puliclub.at
Homepage: www.puliclub.at


Save the Date 25.7.2021 – General Assembly, celebrating41 years Puliclub

A great reason to celebrate, we are looking forward to it and hope to do this together with you at the General Assembly.


If the legal and health situation allows it without risk, the General Assembly will again take place in the forest hut of the Widder family, 1230 Vienna, Kadoldtsberg 2. In case of a necessary change, you will receive a corresponding notice in due time, or you will find it on our homepage www.puliclub.at.


Address: Gebirgsgasse 92, 1230 Vienna,  approx. 100 meters on foot to the right. (In case of heavy rain please have a look at the hp, there is an alternative possibility)
Helga.widder@inode.at or zemann.barbara@gmail.com

Should the legal requirements dictate it, we will however adapt our annual general meeting to the circumstances and for the first time hold a digital General Assembly via ZOOM. We can offer appropriate training on the user-friendly system on request. If you are interested in the training, please contact me at helga.widder@inode.at.


Ordinary General Assembly of the EÖPC
25.7.2019 from 16 to 18 o’clock

Agenda (Statutes – § 9)

1. welcome and determination of the quorum
2. approval of the minutes of the last GA
3. reports: – president – breeding department – cash desk
4. discharge of the board
5. fixing the joining fee and the membership fee for 2022
6. awarding of the Puli of the Year
7. miscellaneous

According to § 9.4. of the Statutes, proposals for items on the agenda must be received by the Board in writing at least 14 days before the date of the General Assembly.
Please note that only those members who have paid the regular membership fee for the current year are entitled to vote.

Account details: Austrian Puliclub

Just in case 😉 here are the account details again:

IBAN:  AT791400000110211694

Membership fee with UH 50 Euro, without UH 25 Euro, family member 15 Euro.


Please send us many applications for the title “Puli of the Year“.

To register your Puli for the title “Puli of the Year” we ask you to report all extraordinary events, such as “course successes”, “certifications”, “exhibitions” as well as other great events. Please send corresponding reports to: helga.widder@inode.at


Hearty Puli greetings and stay healthy!


Helga Widder
President Puliclub


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Puli Dog needs help

Peter was turned over to the dog homicide to Ozd/Hungarianto at the age of 10 years after the death of his owner. He is completely traumatised, distressed and gives up himself. Peter needs penetrate help and we would like to move the poor guy to a dog pension and try to find a suitable nursing place for him. Unfortunately, we lack in addition the financial means. Hence, we urgently need help to be able to save the small guy.
Animal Protection Hungary
IBAN:  AT16 5300 0032 5502 1086
Contact Eva Kriss

Hacker Attack

Dear friends of the first Austrian Puliclub!

Unfortunately our previous homepage was taken over and changed by unfair hackers on 29. 6. 2018. Our service provider has therefore been forced to take our homepage “www.puliclub.at” off the net.

After a thorough check of the infected content and structures, I had to delete the entire website in consultation with the service provider and thus to destroy it permanently. Unfortunately, this is accompanied by the loss of the structure and the entire texts on the pages.

I was able to save most of the pictures and documents, but this was not enough to reconstruct the pages themselves and the contributions of the past months. Any replay of old backups would also run the risk of reopening the door for hackers.

We are therefore forced to completely redesign the site and fill it with new content.

Thank you for your understanding. We will make the essential information available again as soon as possible.

Your system administrator

Burkhard Knapp